100 Cardiogolf Drills and Exercises with the Shortee Club-Coil and Uncoil Drill

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Practice something about your game everyday. #CardioGolfChallenge

In my opinion, daily practice is the key to success towards any goal.  Making 10 practice swings a day or exercising  for 5 minutes everyday will get you playing better and in better shape than  exercising or practicing for two or three hours once a week. First of all, it is always hard to find big chunks of time to do massive workouts or beat balls on the driving range.  Secondly, the long workouts or practice sessions usually lead to fatigued swings, injuries and ingrained bad habits.

There is something to be said about the momentum of taking small daily steps towards a goal that is cumulatively better than taking big steps with less frequency.

Use the Cardiogolf ‘Shortee’ Club to practice everyday.  If you don’t have room to swing a regular golf indoors or you can’t make it to the golf course or driving range, use the Cardiogolf ‘Shortee’ Club to practice anywhere and at anytime.

100 Cardiogolf Drills and Exercises

  1. Set-Up Practice
  2. Grip Practice
  3. Back Arm Only Drill
  4. Impact Drill
  5. Forward Lunge with Arm Extension
  6. Front Arm Only Drill
  7. Back Arm Only Drill on an Uphill Slope
  8. Hand Placement 
  9. Squats with Arm Extension
  10. Back Arm Only Drill on a Downhill Slope
  11. Overhead Arm Reach
  12. Front Arm Only Drill on a Downhill Slope
  13. Alignment Drill
  14. Lunge and Twist 
  15. Y to L Drill 
  16. Side Flexion
  17. Wide Takeaway Drill
  18. Feet Together Drill
  19. Step and Swing Drill
  20. Wrist Hinge Drill Variation
  21. Posture Drill
  22. Shake Hands Drill 

Today we focus on a how to coil and uncoil-

On the backswing, you are just trying to wind your body to get your arms in position at the top of the swing. It is not necessary to lift, heave, lunge or over- turn on the backswing. In fact, most higher-handicappers overdo the things they are supposed to do in the swing. Be careful not to over-turn on the back swing and raise your body up out of the original angle. If you raise up out of your posture then you will have to do something drastic on the downswing to compensate, usually resulting in fat or thin shots.

This drill will help you practice the body motion to make it a part of your swing. The more effectively and efficiently you can shift your weight, the more consistent ball striker you will become.

Coil and Uncoil Drill

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