What is Aerobic Exercise and Why Golfers Should Do It

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Aerobics-The Facts: For an activity to qualify as aerobic, two factors must be present. First, the activity must last at least 20 minutes. Second, you have to increase your heart rate to at least 70% of your maximum rate during the 20 minutes. Cardiovascular Benefits: Aerobic exercise conditions the heart and lungs by increasing the oxygen available to the body … Read More

Pitch it Close

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Pitching Essentials A pitch or pitch shot, usually played with a highly lofted club like a pitching or sand wedge, is designed to go a short distance with a high ball flight to land softly on the green. Here are some basic fundamentals to help you become a better short game player. 1. Stance is narrow and open 2. Weight … Read More

KPJ Golf Monthly Newsletter

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Cardiogolf-Shape Up Your Swing, Trim Your Score* Get the physical edge to take your game to the next level. *Cardiogolf Fitness Program is a great way to improve your golf swing while you burn calories, tone muscles & increase your flexibility.*Practice in the privacy of your own home. *Improve your swing, get in shape & burn calories in just 30 … Read More

Is Your Golf Game Dying of Thirst?

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Fatigue, as a result of dehydration, can often cause a “blow-up” on the back nine. Dehydration not only affects runners and professional athletes, it affects all of us in subtle ways regardless of the physical condition we are in. It is most noticeable on the golf course in the heat of the summer but it can sneak up on you … Read More

Is Golf Making You Fat?

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For every additional 30 minutes you spend driving in your car, you increase your chances of becoming obese by three percent, studies say. Although that may not seem like much, but within a few years, it could mean an additional 10 to 30 pounds. Add this to the time you spend sitting in a golf cart while you play golf … Read More

LPGA Teaching Professional of the Year Karen Palacios-Jansen Blogs on All Things Related to Golf

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As an LPGA Teaching Professional, certified personal trainer and managing editor of Golf Fitness Magazine, I come across massive amounts of information about golf and golf fitness. In this blog, I will be sharing with my readers useful information about all things related to golf and golf fitness including tips on strength, flexibility and endurance, mental strategies, nutrition, swing tips … Read More