Low and Slow for Better Drives

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For the majority of high-handicap golfers the driver is the most difficult club in the bag to hit because it is the longest club and it has the least amount of loft. It will slice more often than not. Pros set up with their spine tilted away from target at address, which helps them give the ball a more sweeping … Read More

Don’t be Swayed

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If your weight shifts to the outside of your foot on either the backswing or downswing, you’ll sway and slide and never fully use the power of your lower body. Practicing rotating your upper body as you keep the weight on the inside of the back foot to get fully wound.  Here is a drill to help eliminate the sway.

It’s Good to Have Lag

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If you have been losing distance or hitting inconsistent shots, you may be releasing the club early, losing valuable lag in your golf swing.  Lag is the angle that is created between your wrists and the club shaft that stores energy to release on the golf ball. This drill will help you learn how to create lag in your golf … Read More

Learn to Coil and Uncoil

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If you were to ask me to recommend one golf-specific exercise to all my students, it would be the Pivot Drill. The Pivot Drill helps you learn correct body motion and helps to synchronize the weight shift and arm swing. This exercise is a great way to warm up before play and practice and can help you stretch your shoulders … Read More

Cardiogolf-Shape Up Your Swing, Trim Your Score

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Cardiogolf is a  group fitness class and on-line program specific to golf. Get some exercise as you practice your golf swing. Learn basic swing fundamentals as well basic golf-fitness exercises to help improve endurance, flexibility, strength and balance. Open to all golfers (men, women and juniors) of all levels. Minimal equipment required including golf clubs, hand weights and stretch bands, … Read More

Check Your Shoulder Turn at the Top of Your Swing

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Your body ultimately influences the path of your club at impact, which can affects the initial flight of the ball. If you want to become a more consistent ball striker, you had better learn to move your body correctly. Your shoulders should move perpendicular to your spine angle and turn 90-degrees to your target line.  If you lack flexibility in … Read More

Reverse the Reverse Pivot

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The reverse pivot occurs in the backswing when the golfer’s back leg straightens and the body weight is shifted to the front leg and the upper body tilts toward the target. This motion inhibits amount of torque a golfer can create on the backswing because they cannot rotate their body forcing them to make compensations in their swings on the … Read More

These Guys are Good

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Here is a fun and entertaining video that Rory McIlroy did with the Bryan brothers, famous for their trick shots.  Try this the next time you go out to play or practice.  

Get Your Front Shoulder Under Your Chin

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One of the biggest differences between high-handicappers and better players is the way the shoulders rotate. Poorer players tend to rotate their shoulders back and through level with the ground. They never get behind the ball at the top of the swing. This leads to a host of problems with the golf swing—most notably poor contact and sliced or pulled … Read More