Spring Up Your Game with a Stretching Routine

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Visit Cardiogolf.com to download the FREE Cardiogolf Pre-Round Warm Up Routine E-Book. Do the Cardiogolf Pre-Round Warm Up Routine. Practice something about your game everyday. #CardioGolfChallenge You know from playing other sports that if you go for long periods without practicing the skill, you lose feel and power.  When you stop doing something for an extended period of time that requires some form … Read More

Olympian and 8-Time World Record Holder Dan Jansen Uses the Cardiogolf Slope to Stay Fit

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I developed the Cardiogolf ‘Slope’ to help golfers practice uphill and downhill lies, but it is also a great tool for exercise. You can do a variety of traditional low-impact exercises as well as strength, balance, core and even upper body exercises. Stay tuned for more information. Watch how 8-time world record holder and gold medal speed skater Dan Jansen use the … Read More

Cardiogolf Daily Dose-Back and Chest Opener for Golfers

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To maximize your full potential in the golf swing, you must have the ability to take your joints and muscles through their full range of motion.  Performing exercises that focus on muscles that are chronically tight will help your become more efficient in your golf swing. Chest and Back Opener- Having tight or overly developed pectorals and latissimus (chest and … Read More