30 Drills and Golf-Fitness Exercises to Do Before the End of Summer-No. 1 Modified PiYo Flip

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There is still more than one month left of summer and plenty of time to play your best golf ever.  If  your game hasn’t improved as much as you wanted to this summer, try adding some golf-specific exercises into your daily routine to help you move better and more freely.

Stay tuned for golf-fitness exercises and drills that you can do at home or in your office every day to help not only improve your swing technique but also help you build mobility, strength and endurance on and off the golf course.

30 Drills and Golf-Fitness Exercises to Do Before the End of Summer

1. Modified PiYo Flip-

This exercise is inspired by fitness expert Charlene Johnson who created a program called PiYo.

Mobility in your upper and low back is important to be able to create a wide swing arc and full balanced finish.  If you lack flexibility around your spine then you will inevitability make compensations in your swing leading to faults and injuries.

This exercises can help you increase flexibility in your upper and lower back and help build strength for a wider swing arc and balanced finish.

Finish in Balance

Finish in Balance

How to perform modified PiYo flip-

1. Set up in a plank position.

2. Raise your right foot up to the sky, bending from your knee.

3.  Move your right foot over your left leg  and place it on the floor so that you are twisting from your waist.

4. Lift your right arm up over your head and press your hips up so  that you feel an arch in your back.

5. Hold the position for a few breathes and then return to the start position.

6. Repeat on the opposite leg.

modified PiYo Plank

Practice something about your game everyday. #CardioGolfChallenge

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Practice something about your game everyday. #CardioGolfChallenge

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