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You will often hear TV announcers say that professional golfers would rather hit out of the sand than out of the rough when they miss a green.  That is because professionals have a better chance of getting the ball to spin out of the bunker than from the rough and therefore are able to get the ball to land softer and closer to the hole.

If you have a combination of bad technique and lack of core and wrist strength then you will struggle in the bunkers.  The sand wedge is the heaviest club in bag, so first of all you need a tremendous amount of hand and wrist strength to swing that club.  Secondly, in the sand, you want to actually hit the sand first to explode the ball out of the bunker, so you need to swing the club at a high rate of speed to move the clubhead through the sand.  If you are not strong enough, you will end up decelerating the clubhead at the moment of impact and you will not be able to propel the ball out of the bunker.

Watch Karen Palacios-Jansen demonstrate a green side bunker shot.

Developing core and wrist strength will increase your changes of getting out of the bunker every single time with ease.


Planks are one of the best exercises to develop upper body and core strength.

Core muscles, which include the abdominal and back muscles, shoulders and hips are essential to the golf swing to create power. Strengthening the core can be done with a simple plank exercise.  Plank exercises can be done almost anywhere at any time. Performing plank exercises on a regular basis will help strengthen muscles to improve golf swing and prevent injury.

How to Perform the Plank: 1. Lie face down on the floor. Using forearms and toes slowly push your body up off of the floor balancing on your forearms and toes.

2. Contract your abdominal muscles while keeping your head, neck and shoulders aligned with hips and legs.

3. Hold position for 10 seconds working up to holding position for 60 seconds.

What is Cardiogolf?

Cardiogolf, is a program designed to give you a battery of exercises to improve your body movement and swing technique. By consistently, repeating golf swing exercises without the judgement of where the ball is going, you can accelerate your improvement on the golf course.

Professional golfers know the importance of athletic development for golf. As a recreational, you may not have the time to train like an elite athlete, but by simply adding a few swing drills into your daily routine, you can dramatically improve your game. And you don’t have to go to the golf course or driving range, you can do these exercises at home.

Use the Cardiogolf Shortee Training Club and Slope to improve your golf and fitness. Great for indoor swing training and off-season conditioning.

50 Cardiogolf Drills and Exercises
  1. Set-Up Practice
  2. Grip Practice
  3. Back Arm Only Drill
  4. Impact Drill
  5. Forward Lunge with Arm Extension
  6. Front Arm Only Drill
  7. Back Arm Only Drill on an Uphill Slope
  8. Hand Placement 
  9. Squats with Arm Extension
  10. Back Arm Only Drill on a Downhill Slope
  11. Overhead Arm Reach
  12. Front Arm Only Drill on a Downhill Slope
  13. Alignment Drill
  14. Lunge and Twist 
  15. Y to L Drill 
  16. Side Flexion
  17. Wide Takeaway Drill
  18. Feet Together Drill
  19. Step and Swing Drill
  20. Wrist Hinge Drill Variation
  21. Posture Drill
  22. Shake Hands Drill 
  23. Learn to Coil and Uncoil 
  24. Elbows Together Drill 
  25. Wrist Hinge Drill 
  26. Single Leg Balance Drill 
  27. Squat Transition Drill 
  28. Baseball Swing Drill
  29. Pump Drill
  30. Takeaway Drill with GolfGym PowerSWING Plus
  31. Backswing Drill with the GolfGym PowerSWNG Plus
  32. Stop Coming Over the Top
  33. Lag Drill 
  34. Lead Arm Only Drill on a Downhill Lie
  35. Lead Arm Swoosh Drill
  36. Anti-Extension Wall Drill
  37. Squat with Shoulder Press Using GolfGym PowerBall
  38. One-Legged Balance Drill
  39. Chipping Drill
  40. Uphill and Downhill Lies
  41. Torso Rotation
  42. Knee Extension
  43. Russian Stretch
  44. Full Body Stretch
  45. Triangle Pose for Golfers
  46. Pivot Drill 
  47. Squats
  48. Lateral Bounding
  49. Side Flexion with Club
  50. Load Weight Drill

Practice something about your game everyday.


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For years, I have been using a traditional step in my Cardiogolf routines and exercises. Although effective, I felt it was important to design a step that simulated a fairway to make it more ‘golf-like.’

You almost never have a flat lie on the golf course, so it is important to practice your swing on sloping lies to develop feel and stability. The Cardiogolf ‘Slope’ is curved like a fairway slope. You can vary the angle you place your foot to practice varies sloping lies.

I developed the Cardiogolf ‘Slope’ to help golfers practice uphill and downhill lies, but it is also a great tool for exercise. You can do a variety of traditional low-impact exercises as well as strength, balance, core and even upper body exercises. Stay tuned for more information.

Visit Cardiogolf.com for more Information

Stay On-Course with Your Health and Wellness

Cardiogolf teams up with Zija International, the leaders in the Natural Health Revolution, to offer golfers of all abilities cutting-edge health and wellness products.

Would you change the way you eat if you knew certain foods could help you play better golf?

Managing your food intake, hydration levels and adding certain nutrients to your diet can not only help you concentrate and focus more on the golf course, but it can also help you keep your heartbeat steady as you make an important shot or putt, help your muscles fire faster for more power, help you fight fatigue so you can play and practice longer and even help you keep your cool after a bad shot. More importantly good nutrition is good for your overall health and well-being.

We all know the importance that fitness, swing mechanics and equipment can have on our golf games, but are you eating the right foods to sustain enough energy throughout your round to play your best golf? The best equipment in the world won’t make a difference if you don’t have energy to get you around the course. We do not hear as much about nutrition for golf, but rest assured that the most elite golfers of the world follow some sort of diet to provide them with the energy-output they need to play their best. While is it not yet the norm for golfers to follow a specialized nutrition program, it will soon become so.

By simply adding a few Zija products into your daily routine and making simple diet modifications, you can dramatically improve your golf game and more importantly your health and well-being.

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