Balance for Your Swing

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If you want to create clubhead speed in your swing, you need to have balance.   When you finish your shot and find yourself leaning back or falling forward, you are out of balance. You have a major power leak and you need to fix your balance issue first before making any mechanical swing changes.

Functional strength requires balance. No one is ever powerful while off-balance.  Like it not, as we age, our balance decreases because of natural changes in the body.  Maintaining our balance is an important essential for everyday activities let alone for our golf swing.

Off-Course Exercise-

Single Leg Balance on Stability Ball: Balancing on one leg tests our balance as well as improves it. If one leg is stronger, or better with balance than the other, we often favor the use of that leg when completing two legged balancing exercises. Strengthening the weaker leg on its own will be help you use that leg in a real situation.

Stand on one leg with placing the other on a stability ball or a chair.


If your balance is already poor start by holding on to a chair or stable post while balancing on stability ball.

As your balance improves try standing without holding on to something.

On-Course Exercise

One of the best ways to create clubhead while you stay in balanced is to  practice your swing in slow motion:

* Hit 10 full shots in slow motion. The balls should only travel 10 to 15 yards. Think of this speed as 10-percent of your normal swing speed.

*Every 10 balls, increase your body rotation speed by 10-percent.

*By the time you reach 80-percent, you will arrive at your optimum rhythm and balance speed.

*Once you can hit balls with some balance then pick up the pace and swing as fast as you can while staying in balance.

Swing as fast as you can while staying in balance.

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