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Balance is important for the golf swing so that you can maintain your body angles throughout each phase of the swing.

Doing balance exercises can improve your balance capabilities within your golf swing especially at higher speeds.

If you have poor balance, you have to slow your swing speed down so you won’t lose your footing during your swing.

Simply practicing balancing on one leg can improve your nervous system’s ability to control your balance.  Practicing balancing on one leg in different planes of motion can further help your golf swing.

Traditional training methods tend to emphasize movement in one plane of motion.

The transverse plane is often neglected in exercise programs, so you want to seek out exercises that move you through all the planes of motion. 

Cardiogolf 18 Hole Balance Workout
  1.  Speed Skaters
  2. Speed Skaters with Lift
  3. Standing Leg Circles
  4. Feet Together Drill
  5. Balance on One Toe
  6. Balance on One Leg
  7. Stork Turns
  8. Standing Glute Stretch
  9. Practice Swings with Eyes Closed
  10. Speed Skaters
  11. Speed Skaters with Lift
  12. Standing Leg Circles
  13. Feet Together Drill
  14. Balance on One Toe
  15. Balance on One Leg
  16. Stork Turns
  17. Standing Glute Stretch
  18. Practice Swings with Eyes Closed




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