Cardiogolf 18 Hole Upper Body Workout 002

Karen18 Hole Workout, Golf Fitness

Cardiogolf can help you build upper body strength. Upper body strength is critical to developing a good swing as the upper body helps create a good wind up, assists in bringing the the club to impact, squaring the club face and creating speed.

This Cardiogolf upper body routine concentrates on strengthen the upper body as well as helping you improve your swing technique.

I am using small hand weights.  To determine what amount of weight you should be using, you need to determine your 8 repetition maximum for each exercise; what amount of weight can you comfortably use for 8 repetitions for 3 sets of that exercise.  Choose a weight that is comfortable for the first two sets, but is difficult to

lift for the last few repetitions of the last set.  You need to push yourself a little to build some muscle mass.  If the weight is too light, then you really get no benefit.

Par Level: Do the routine once.

Birdies Level: Do the routine twice.

Eagle Level: Do the routine three times.

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