Cardiogolf Warm-Up 101

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Use Your Golf Cart to Stretch

Warming up and stretching a few minutes before a round of golf can loosen your muscles and joints to swing freer. Try this simple stretch using your golf cart to loosen up your shoulders, low back and hamstrings.

Facing your golf cart, hold onto the seat handle or top of cart canopy with both hands. Gently bend from your hip sockets, keeping your knees slightly bent and your spine in neutral position. Drop your head between your arms. Breathe as you hold the stretch for 8 to 10 seconds. You can also add a twist by standing next to cart and twisting as you hold cart handle.

These exercises can be done throughout the round to keep you loose and supple.

KPJ Golf Fitness Challenge-

Join me as I do something every day to improve my fitness to play better golf.  I always tell my students that it is better to do some movement every day, even if it is just for a few moments, than to wait for the days where you have an hour or two to workout.  Those days hardly ever happen.  This week I used a weighted ball to tone muscles and work on my swing path.  Tell me about your daily exercise to improve your golf.  Email me your stories of how you fit movement into your life and golf

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