The Best Way for Junior Golfers to Practice-Sloped Lies

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Now available-the Shortee Club for junior golfers. Especially designed practice club for junior golfers. Practice something about your game everyday. #CardioGolfChallenge Simply taking practice swings with your stance at different levels can help prepare you for how it will feel on the golf course. Use a step or bench to simulate the uneven slope. This will not only help your … Read More

100 Cardiogolf Drills and Exercises-Squat with Shoulder Press Using GolfGym PowerBall

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Visit to download the FREE Cardiogolf Pre-Round Warm Up Routine E-Book. Making practice swings instead of hitting balls is a better way to improve your swing technique. ┬áIf you are trying to learn the swing or make a swing change, rehearsing the move without hitting a ball will assure that you are actually doing the correct move. ┬áRepeating the … Read More