Is Your Golf Game Dying of Thirst?

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Fatigue, as a result of dehydration, can often cause a “blow-up” on the back nine. Dehydration not only affects runners and professional athletes, it affects all of us in subtle ways regardless of the physical condition we are in. It is most noticeable on the golf course in the heat of the summer but it can sneak up on you on the cooler days too. Electrolyte replenishment can help defend against fatigue and help you play your best golf.

Whether you are a low handicapper playing in a tournament or a high handicapper playing with friends, four hours on the course is a long time. Without water, combined with electrolyte replenishment, fatigue will get the best of you on the back nine. When you prepare for your round make sure you consider a hydration plan that includes a sufficient amount of water (16 to 24 ounces per hour is recommended) and electrolytes in order to prevent fatigue so that you can finish strong.

Here’s a very simple rule of thumb drink 4 to 6 ounces of water every three holes.

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