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Cardiogolf-Shape Up Your Swing, Trim Your Score* Get the physical edge to take your game to the next level. *Cardiogolf Fitness Program is a great way to improve your golf swing while you burn calories, tone muscles & increase your flexibility.*Practice in the privacy of your own home. *Improve your swing, get in shape & burn calories in just 30 minutes a day. *Designed by LPGA Teacher of the Year Karen Palacios-Jansen
Coming Soon-Swing Analysis by KPJ Get your swing analyzed by LPGA Teacher of the Year Karen Palacios-Jansen. Simply send a video of your golf swing to Karen and she will send you swing and practice recommendations on a DVD that you can view in the privacy of your own home. E-mail Karen for more information at Karen@swingbladegolf.comSe Habla EspaƱol
Pitch it ClosePitching EssentialsA pitch or pitch shot, usually played with a highly lofted club like a pitching or sand wedge, is designed to go a short distance with a high ball flight to land softly on the green. Here are some basic fundamentals to help you become a better short game player. 1. Stance is narrow and open2. Weight favors the target foot3. Hands, arms, and shoulders form a triangle with the hands ahead of the ball at address position4. Hinge your wrists on the backswing5. Weight is retained on target foot 6. Accelerate your swing on the downswing, keep hands moving7. Keep your target side firm as you finish swing8. Distance determines the length of the swing Putting Off the FringeRead the Fringe when Putting Off the Green Putting from off the green is often a much better choice than chipping or pitching the ball, especially when the grass is cut low. Remember to hover the putter slightly off the ground so that you don’t catch grass on your backswing and make sure you hit the ball firm enough to roll it through the taller fringe grass. Most people only read the green and overlook the fringe. You need to not only read the green for speed and break, but read the fringe as well. Golf FitnessTake Care of Your WristsWrist injuries are common in golf. Overuse and poor technique are usually to blame. Improved swing technique and physical fitness can help you prevent these injuries. Visit for exercises and tips on how to stretch and strength your wrists. Send Karen your questions and comments-

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