Prime Your Foundation for More Distance

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Cardiogolf Summer Shape Up

Summer Special

When you purchase the Cardiogolf Slope and Shortee Club Combo Package you will receive the Cardiogolf Online Summer Shape Up Program for FREE


A well-structured golf-fitness program is built on a system of progressions.  The progressions include flexibility, mobility, balance, strength and power. All muscles are included, but your core muscles (including abdominals, back and hips and glute muscles) form the foundation of your power.  Stretching and strengthening these muscles will help you generate more power and consistency.

Always begin your golf-fitness program by focusing on flexibility and mobility training. Once your foundation is primed and you have increased your flexibility and mobility you can then progress to strength and stability training to increase your distance.

Cardiogolf Warm-Up

Cardiogolf Flexibility

Cardiogolf Core


When most people think of exercise for golf, they think of doing a few stretches and maybe walking, to build endurance. Flexibility and endurance is important for golf, but these types of exercises don’t work on your core muscles; those muscles that are deep within your abdominals, back and hips.  Neglecting your core muscles can increase your chances of injury if you practice or play a lot of golf.  Due to the repetitive nature of the golf swing, you’ll end up over-using the wrong muscles risking injury.

The American College of Sports Medicine recommends that all adults do some sort of  functional fitness training — core-strengthening exercises that mimic everyday activities, such as bending and lifting — in addition to cardio conditioning.  For golfers, functional fitness should strengthen muscles used in the golf swing as well as mimic golf swing moves.

According to the ACSM ‘functional fitness training” is recommended for two or three days per week. Exercises should involve motor skills (balance, agility, coordination and gait), proprioceptive exercise training and multifaceted activities to improve physical function and prevent falls in older adults.

For golfers, functional fitness involves  integrating the demands of playing golf (not only walking or carrying a bag , but bending to tee up a ball, lunging to get in and out of bunkers, and balancing on unstable surfaces such as in sand or on a sidehill lie) and the movement patterns of the golf swing (rotation, stability, speed and balance).

The golfer is rotating almost every joint and muscle in the body as well as stretching through a full range of motion while maintaining balance along with speed, so you’ll want to incorporate exercises that require you to use several muscle groups in one fluid movement. This will strengthen and develop the muscles in the back, abdomen, pelvis, and hips, and promote stability and flexibility — all essential for swing the golf club more efficiently.

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Summer Special

When you purchase the Cardiogolf Slope and Shortee Club Combo Package you will receive the Cardiogolf Online Summer Shape Up Program for FREE

The Cardiogolf Complete Fitness Training System includes:

  • The Cardiogolf Slope , A Unique Fitness Training Platform
  • The Cardiogolf 23′ Shortee Practice Training Club (used in every Cardiogolf Fitness Training Class)
  • The Complete 120 Page Cardiogolf Slope Instructional Manual   
  • The Cardiogolf Groove Your Swing Workout Video
  • All 25 Cardiogolf Swing Drill Videos
  • BONUS- High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Workout Videos Featuring Olympic Gold Medal Winner and 8-time World Record Holder Dan Jansen

Plus-The Cardiogolf  Online Summer Shape Up Program (FREE)   

  • 6-Week Cardiogolf Online Training Program
  • Personalized Swing Evaluation
  • Weekly Email Support
  • Package value more than $1,500.

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About Cardiogolf  Online Summer Shape Up Program

Purpose-This is a 6-week exercise program combining golf-specific exercises and swing drills to help golfers improve their fitness and golf swing skills at the same time.

Directions-Follow the Cardiogolf 6-Week Online Summer Shape Up Program to Shape Your Swing Trim Your Score Program.  Complete each workout for your level of fitness: Par, Birdie, Eagle Levels

Workout Descriptions-Each workout consists of 10 exercises specific for the phase of the workout program.

Workouts include:

  1. Flexibility
  2. Stability
  3. Strength
  4. Swing Technique
  5. Coordination
  6. Agility
  7. Balance
  8. Power
  9. Speed

Equipment Needed:

  1. The Shortee Practice Training Club
  2. The Cardiogolf Slope
  3. A regular golf club
  4. Hand weights (optional)
  5. An exercise mat or towel
  6. Visit the Cardiogolf Shop to purchase yours today.


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