Shape Up Your Game This Summer

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Most likely this is the time of year that you will play your most golf.  Whether it is for fun or for business, your game will be tested and on display for everyone to see. Is your game in good enough shape to play your best?  Do you have all the right shots to get the ball in the hole?  Are you in good enough physical shape to play an 18 hole round without getting tired or fatigued?

Stay tuned to my blog with summer for tips and drills to play your best golf and sign up for my Cardiogolf program to get into golf shape.

My summer video golf tips include tips on:

  • Grip Fundamentals-Your hands control your shot.
  • Set-up-Do you have the right ball position for the club in your hand?
  • Alignment-A good shot doesn’t do you any good unless it is going towards your intended target.
  • Faults and Fixes-Learn how to correct your bad shots.
  • How to warm up before play or practice-Don’t ruin a good round by taking too many holes to get loose.
  • Tips to improve power and consistency.

Visit my blog daily to see simple video tips and drills to help you play your best golf this summer.

Cardiogolf Warm Up Routine


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