Shoot Better Scores: Get Organized

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Did you know that your chaotic routine and cluttered golf bag might be holding you back from playing your best golf?  Nothing is more frustrating and stressful then standing on the first tee while people are waiting for you to tee off while you rifle through your golf bag looking for a glove, ball or tee.

Everyone can benefit from a more organized golf bag, which will not only help you play faster, but can help eliminate stress.

Here are a few suggestions to help organize your golf bag:

  • Clean out your golf bag every few weeks. Throw out old golf balls, worn out gloves, broken tees, half eaten protein bars, empty golf ball boxes and old sunscreen bottles and lip balms.
  • Separate and organize your golf accessories. Keep your golf balls, gloves, tees and ball markers in separate pockets.  Use the big pockets for golf balls. Use the smaller pockets for tees and ball markers.  Don’t just dump everything in one pocket.
  • Keep your tees and ball markers in clear plastic baggies, so you can easily see what you are looking for and you don’t have to dump the entire contents of your bag on the ground  just to find your favorite ball marker or the correct size tee.
  • Throw away those old dirty towels hanging on your golf bag. Not only are they unsightly, but also they are hot beds for bacteria and germs.  Replace and wash your towel often.  Think about it, you probably wipe the dirt off of your clubs and the sweat off your face with the same towel.  That’s nasty, don’t do that.

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