Stop Missing Short Putts

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Missing short putts are frustrating because those little putts are so close, it seems like they should be easy. They are easy when there is no pressure. You can just go up and stroke the ball in the hole without even thinking about it, but that is not the case when there is something on the line. Then these putts get hard. So how do we make these  putts easy?


Simply concentrating on making square contact with ball on short putts will help you  roll the ball straighter. I have devised a training aide to help me with theses short putts. Using hair bands, I tie them around the putter face just exposing the sweetspot. The idea is to try to hit the same spot on the clubface each time you strike the ball. You will see that if you open or close the face or hit the ball off toe and heel that the ball will wobble off line.  It is important  to get confident that you are hitting these short putts straight, so you can hit them with speed. If you try to baby a short putt you may decelerate, twist the clubface and the ball will shoot off line.


If you have a bad back, you won’t spend too much time on the practice green.  Strengthen your back will help you so you can spend more time on the green getting good.  Here is yoga exercise called the triangle pose that will help strengthen and stretch your whole body that you can practice putting longer.

This exercise is great because it strengthens and stretch all your core muscles, your hips, legs and your chest and shoulder-all the muscles used in putting.

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