Turkey Trot Cardiogolf Workout

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Here’s your Thanksgiving Day workout. During the holidays people count their blessings, but forget to count their calories. That probably explains why the average Thanksgiving meal  hits its high note between 3000 and 4000 calories according to studies—just for the meal itself.

Be prepared with your Thanksgiving workout.  If you are a golfer here is a great workout to burn some calories and work on your swing technique at the same time.  This workout focuses on cardiovascular fitness, lower body endurance and weight shift.

Watch Karen Palacios-Jansen demonstrate the Turkey Trot Cardiogolf Workout-

Lower Body Hit Challenge to Improve Weight Shift-


Medium to High


Par Level-Do Circuit One Time-10 minutes

Birdie Level-Do Circuit Two Times-20 minutes

Eagle Level-Do Circuit Three Times-30 minutes


Improves cardiovascular fitness, lower body endurance and weight shift.


  1. Uphill Lie Backswing
  2. Downhill Lie Impact to Follow-through
  3. Forward Lunge with Core
  4. Forward Lunge with Twist
  5. Uphill Lie with Lead Foot Lift
  6. Downhill Lie with Impact to Follow-through with Back Foot Tap
  7. Forward Lunge with Wood Chop
  8. Weight Shift Drill
  9. Squat with Overhead Arm Reach
  10. Side Flexion
  11. Back Lunge with Twist
  12. Backswing Hold
  13. Impact Hold
  14. Release Hold
  15. Follow-through Hold

Stay On-Course with Your Health and Wellness

Cardiogolf teams up with Zija International, the leaders in the Natural Health Revolution, to offer golfers of all abilities cutting-edge health and wellness products.

Would you change the way you eat if you knew certain foods could help you play better golf?

Managing your food intake, hydration levels and adding certain nutrients to your diet can not only help you concentrate and focus more on the golf course, but it can also help you keep your heartbeat steady as you make an important shot or putt, help your muscles fire faster for more power, help you fight fatigue so you can play and practice longer and even help you keep your cool after a bad shot. More importantly good nutrition is good for your overall health and well-being.

We all know the importance that fitness, swing mechanics and equipment can have on our golf games, but are you eating the right foods to sustain enough energy throughout your round to play your best golf? The best equipment in the world won’t make a difference if you don’t have energy to get you around the course. We do not hear as much about nutrition for golf, but rest assured that the most elite golfers of the world follow some sort of diet to provide them with the energy-output they need to play their best. While is it not yet the norm for golfers to follow a specialized nutrition program, it will soon become so.

By simply adding a few Zija products into your daily routine and making simple diet modifications, you can dramatically improve your golf game and more importantly your health and well-being.

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