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I just wanted to let you know about a innovative project I have been working on throughout 2016.

UK based company, FX-SPORT, have created a patented, wire-free sport headphone device, which holds your own music and hundreds of preloaded, professionally constructed workouts. Many categories of workout are available and for all levels of fitness. Workout instructions play over the user’s own music and it’s a great design for running, the gym, or working out at home.

They have however, also created a dedicated golf version! The headphones arrive preloaded with audio content from world class golf coaches, psychologists and physical trainers. I have been asked to be one of the coaches and have been creating audio podcasts for “off the course” use on many golf related subjects, as well as my entire CARDIOGOLF 30 day workout challenge, in audio [my voice]. Each day’s workout has 3 levels of difficulty and can easily be performed at home. Remember, you can still have your own music on the headphones, as I guide you through the workout. Cool!

There is also a subscription available to get access to all of the “off the course” audio podcasts from all the coaches [see bottom of FX Sport web page]. They cover a wide range of golf related subjects and all illustrate invaluable insight. I highly recommend them.

FX-Sport are also preloading the VC Golf with many of their other workouts in other fitness categories for free! These include the actual voice and workouts of some of the most popular and current personal trainers around today.

I hope this is of interest and wish you all a happy and successful 2017.


The subscription fee for Off The Course Podcasts is $7.89 per month.

For that you will receive 10 audios to start and then 1 new audio per week. The audios are quite short, but are very useful.
I have however, arranged a discount for you to $5.89 per month, using the discount code: KAREN2 if you purchase within the next 5 days. If you are interested in the full package of the VC Golf Headphones, I have for you an exclusive discount code here: KAREN25 for $25 off retail.

Check out VC Golf Headphones on the FX-Sport

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