3 Simple Tests to Assess Your Fitness

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When I was kid in the 80’s, my junior high participated in the Presidential Physical Fitness Award program where we were required to go through a battery of physical fitness tests.  Sort of a way to recognize which kids were going to be athletes or not.  That test always stayed with me and may have been the catalyst to propel … Read More

Join the Golf and Health Movement

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Playing golf is a great way to spend the day with friends and family enjoying friendly competition and nature.  But did you also know that playing golf can help you stay young and healthy? Twenty years ago, the words “golf and fitness” might have never been used in the same sentence especially when the majority of golfers were beer-bellied guys … Read More

Fuel Your Round

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You burn a tremendous amount of calories during a round of golf, so to keep your energy level up for the entire 18 holes, you need to fuel your body.  It is important to make the right food choices to sustain your energy, but also to avoid weight gain.  It is easy to grab the first snack or drink on … Read More

Fitness at the Ryder Cup

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As we watched the Ryder Cup this weekend, it was  easy to marvel at the amazing power and distance all the players possessed.  Most, if not all, drove the ball over 300 yards. This can be attributed to not only  great talent and superior swing technique, but also to impressive physical fitness, not to mention hard work. We, the average … Read More