Happy New Year from Karen and Cardiogolf

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A Note From Karen: It doesn’t matter how your life has been up to this point, it’s all about where you are headed. Thanks to all my KPJgolf.com and Cardiogolf.com subscribers.  I appreciate your support!  My goal for 2016 is to create something visually appealing while keeping it accessible and informative. Wishing you and your family a Health and Happy … Read More

Save Your Shot, Don’t Stand Up

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The quadriceps are made up of four muscles that run down the front of your leg. They, in part, control how you straighten and flex your knees and hips. Tight quads are associated with a common swing fault called “early extension” or standing up through impact, where the hips and knees straighten too early in the downswing causing an early … Read More

Triangle Pose to Create Hip Hinge

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In order to create power in your golf swing, you need to load your weight at the top of the swing, winding your upper torso over a flexed hip.  This hip hinge assures your weight is loaded behind the ball. If you stand up or change the angle in your back hip as you swing to the top, you will … Read More

Start Your Swing Out Right

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Posture is perhaps the most crucial component of golf conditioning. It’s not the most glamorous, but how well you set up to the ball may ultimately determine the outcome of your shot. Working on increasing flexibility and mobility in your low back and hips will help you set up more comfortably at address position and improve your over all posture … Read More

Get Your Golf Swing in Shape for the New Year

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Shape Up Your Swing, Trim Your Score with Cardiogolf You know you need to exercise for better health, so if you are a golfer, why not work on your golf swing at the same time? Kill two birds with one stone: get some exercise and improve your golf game. That is what Cardiogolf is all about-improving how you move your body so … Read More

Happy Holidays from Karen and Cardiogolf

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Wishing you and your family a wonderful Holiday Season and a happy and healthy New Year!  Karen Palacios-Jansen                                                                       Creator/Owner Cardiogolf  

12 Days of Cardiogolf-Enjoy the Game

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Enjoy the Game Bad things happen on the golf course. Most of our shots, during a round of golf, are not that good.  We don’t hit the ball as far as we wanted to; we shove shots to the right, skull shots over the green and miss short putts. Many good things happen too.  As with an old sage, when we are … Read More

12 Days of Cardiogolf-Practice Like Hogan

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Practice Like Hogan

Legendary golfer Ben Hogan, winner of nine major championships, is widely acknowledged to have been among the greatest ball strikers ever to have played golf. He often would practice without a ball, grooving the swing motion to make it automatic, so that he would not have to think about his swing on the golf course.  Check out the link below as he … Read More

12 Days of Cardiogolf-Get Your Yoga On

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Day 10 Although yoga has been in the mainstream of general fitness for a few years now, golfers are just starting to consider this discipline to help improve their golf games. Many PGA Tour players such as Camilo Villegas and Vijay Singh have been practicing yoga for years now with dramatic results. If certain parts of your body are tight … Read More

12 Days of Cardiogolf-Stop Topping Shots

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If you top shots, most likely you are standing up as you strike the ball.  Ideally, you want to keep the same angle your torso and legs formed at address position the same throughout your swing.  Many high-handicappers stand up (straighten their legs, lift their torsos or pull in their arms) as the they strike the ball resulting in an … Read More