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Golf, although not thought of a strenuous activity, requires a higher level of fitness than most people would think. In a single round, a golfer will swing an estimated average of 300 swings (including practice swings) and walk seven to eight thousand yards, the equivalent of four to five miles. Swinging a club over and over again twists the neck, … Read More

Stay in the Game with KT TAPE

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Earlier this year, I filmed a series of golf tips for my Cardiogolf Video Series (available this summer) and, at the time of filming, I suffered a bout of ‘tennis elbow.’  ‘Tennis elbow’ is a term used to describe the pain that develops on the outside portion of a person’s upper arm. While I have played tennis in the past, … Read More

Chipping off a Bare Lie

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One of the hardest shots in golf is chipping off a bare lie, where the ground is hard with barely any grass.  The technique for the bare lie chip shot is not that much different than for a chip off of a fluffy lie, what makes this shot harder is that there is no room for error.  If you hit … Read More