Stretch Your Game

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Every time you play golf, you turn, twist, bend, squat, lunge every part of your body and then you repeat the same movements for 4 to 5 hours–this can tighten your muscles and cause a condition called ‘repetitive stress injuries’. Repetitive stress injuries are injuries that happen when too much stress is placed on a part of the body, resulting … Read More

V-Sit for Victory

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The V-Sit exercise is an important exercise to help maintain and increase mobility in your core muscles. When core muscles are mobile, you will be able to rotate through full range of motion to increase length and power in your golf swing. Add this exercise into your golf-specific workout routines to help increase functional strength, increase range of motion and … Read More

Ball Position for Solid Irons

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Everything you do before you hit the ball determines the outcome of the shot. If you are inconsistent with your ball position at address, you will be inconsistent with your shots. Ball position for short irons should be in the center of your stance. As you progress to longer clubs, move the ball a half of a rotation towards the … Read More

Prime the Pump for Better Scores

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I have gas leaf blower.  It never starts up right away. If it is cold outside or we haven’t used it in a while, we have to prime the pump and pull the cord a few times before it gets going. Our body’s are the same way.  You need to loosen up a little bit before you swing full speed. … Read More