Supercharge Your Golf Swing and Memory with these Cardiogolf Flexibility Routines

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Cardiogolf Flexibility Routine

You already know that doing daily flexibility routines can do wonders for your golf swing by making you more flexible so that your swing is more fluid, longer and smoother, but did you also know that flexibility can sharpen your memory too?  A sharper memory can lead to better strategic choices on the golf course which could lead to lower … Read More

Cardiogolf Pilates Inspired HIIT Workout

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About Cardiogolf Cardiogolf is a series of golf-specific workout routines that combine swing drills and exercises. Cardiogolf accommodates golfers of all skills and fitness levels. All you need to preform Cardiogolf is a 4 x 4 square foot space for each golfer to do the exercises and swing the Cardiogolf ‘Shortee’ club and ‘Slope’. Some of the exercises will require … Read More

60 Seconds to Better Golf and Health

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According to studies, if you move your large muscles in your legs for 60 seconds, for example lunges to the Cardiogolf Slope, your energy level could improve by 90%.  Canadian researches have found that even shorts busts of motion-as long as you are moving some large muscles in your body, like thigh muscles-switches on the gene that heighten insulin sensitivity, … Read More

Spring in Your Step-Up

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Golf-Fitness According to fitness experts, step-ups are excellent to increase lower body and core strength.  Studies show that doing a step-up exercise on a fitness step has your body weight, for a brief moment, balanced on one leg while you’re stepping up. You need to recruit your core strength to keep your balance. While your body weight is balanced on … Read More

Do Cardiogolf. Win a Masters Tote Bag-My Favorite Cardiogolf Exercises HIIT Workout

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A Note from Karen: I got something for you from Augusta! WIN A MASTERS TOTE BAG. Show me how you Cardiogolf to win. Simply post a picture or video of yourself doing your Favorite Cardiogolf Exercise with Hashtag #cardiogolf to enter. It’s Free. No purchase necessary. Entries go from April 14th to 27th, 2019 Golf-Fitness Combining strength and cardiovascular exercise … Read More

Cardiogolf Twist and Bend HIIT Workout to Strengthen and Lengthen Golf Muscles

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Golf-Fitness Combining strength and cardiovascular exercise into an interval circuit or HIIT can be more beneficial than cardiovascular or strength training alone because the intensity of the exercises raises the resting metabolism, which can help burn more calories in less time. Interval circuit training or HIIT prepares the body for “burst” sports, such as golf, that require an intense amount … Read More

Olympian and 8-Time World Record Holder Dan Jansen Uses the Cardiogolf Slope to Stay Fit

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I developed the Cardiogolf ‘Slope’ to help golfers practice uphill and downhill lies, but it is also a great tool for exercise. You can do a variety of traditional low-impact exercises as well as strength, balance, core and even upper body exercises. Stay tuned for more information. Watch how 8-time world record holder and gold medal speed skater Dan Jansen use the … Read More

Cardiogolf Daily Dose-Back and Chest Opener for Golfers

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To maximize your full potential in the golf swing, you must have the ability to take your joints and muscles through their full range of motion.  Performing exercises that focus on muscles that are chronically tight will help your become more efficient in your golf swing. Chest and Back Opener- Having tight or overly developed pectorals and latissimus (chest and … Read More