The Importance of Endurance Training for Golfers

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Golf, although not thought of a strenuous activity, requires a higher level of fitness than most people would think. In a single round, a golfer will swing an estimated average of 300 swings (including practice swings) and walk seven to eight thousand yards, the equivalent of four to five miles. Swinging a club over and over again twists the neck, … Read More

Cross Training for Golfers

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Most country clubs are closed on Mondays to give the staff a rest and do golf course maintenance. So Mondays are a good day to do your cross training. The principle of cross training for golfers is to improve mobility, flexibility, stability, balance, strength, endurance, and power to help create a  profienct swing. Cross training is something other than swinging the … Read More

I Spotted Jason Day Doing Cardiogolf Drills

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In this month’s Golf Digest Magazine, Jason Day gives some of his favorite golf tips to hit greens in regulation.  One of the tips is how to hit an uphill lie.  He practices by placing his front foot on a step to simulate an uphill lie, just like we do in Cardiogolf. It is hard to practice uphill lies on the driving … Read More

Fitness for Golfers-Pilates Ab 5

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In the golf swing, the spine must stabilize as other parts of the body move. So it is important to strengthen core muscles.  If core muscles surrounding the spine are weak, then those muscles can’t contract to create resistance to allow the arms to swing freely through the ball. It is important to strengthen core muscles, not only to create … Read More