KPJ on The Golf Channel

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Thanks to LPGA T &CP Headquarters and The Golf Channel for inviting me this week to do a few tips for Golf Channel Academy.  Stay tuned for new golf instructional tips this year.  In the meantime, here are a couple of my favorite tips that I have done in the past. Click here –How to Hit Draws and Fades Click … Read More

Keys to Consistency

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I recently was made aware of a young girl from Pakistan, named Rabia, who loves to play golf from my friends at is a golf instructional website that is inspiring women from all over the world and encouraging them to play golf. Rabia asked for some help with her swing. Rabia has a beautiful swing and is already doing a … Read More

Pre-Season Check Points-Alignment

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If you live in the Southeast like I do, golf season has already started.  The warm weather pushes people outside and on to the golf course.  To start your season out right, do a few quick fundamental checks to make sure that you start your golf season on the right track. If you have a hard time aligning yourself up … Read More

Cardiogolf Available on The New VC Golf Sport Headphones

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Start your own golf fitness program in the comfort of your own home or office. New headphones allow you to listen to me as a I take you through my Cardiogolf 30-Day Golf Fitness Program. The headphones are also preloaded with many hours worth of psychological coaching, mental preparation, practice drills and workouts, from world class golf psychologists. Click here … Read More

Pilates for Golfers-Side Flexion and Rotation

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Watch Patrea demonstrate the ‘side sit up’ series on a reformer that will help you improve your golf swing. In the golf swing, you need to be able to do a combination of side flexion (frontal plane movement or side to side motion) and rotation (transverse plane or rotational movement) in your core to wind up behind the ball and create power. … Read More

Pilates for Golfers

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Pilates teaches you where to place your focus for success. Pilates will help you develop core strength, so you can learn to swing from a strong center. Pilates helps make your golf swing effortless. In this video, see how owner, Patrea Aeschliman uses a reformer to exercise for golf.   Follow my blog at Follow my Instagram at Like my Facebook … Read More

Why Golfers Should Be Doing Core Strengthening Exercises

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When most people think of exercise for golf, they think of doing a few stretches and maybe walking, to build endurance. Flexibility and endurance is important for golf, but these types of exercises don’t work on your core muscles; those muscles that are deep within your abdominals, back and hips.  Neglecting your core muscles can increase your chances of injury … Read More