Karen Palacios-Jansen contributes this month to Women’s Golf

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LPGA Teaching Professional Karen Palacios-Jansen contributes this month to Women’s Golf, the premier women’s golf website for all things related to the game of golf. Women’s Golf was launched online in December 2014 and has quickly established a reputation as a great resource for LPGA, Symetra, and LET news and tips/instruction for golfers of all standards. Click here to read Karen’s article on her “Three Keys to … Read More

Check Points for Your Swing

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It is important to have certain check points in your golf swing to assure you are setting up square to your target keeping the clubface square throughout your swing and keeping the club on plane. Having these check points enable you to practice your form away from the ball, so that when you swing and hit a ball you are … Read More

Simplify Your Set-Up

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Keep your set-up simple. Use the same set-up for your iron and driver. The ball position differs for a driver and irons, but the distance you are to the ball remains the same. Watch the video to see how to simplify your set up. Cardiogolf Warm Up Routine

Shape Up Your Game This Summer

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Most likely this is the time of year that you will play your most golf.  Whether it is for fun or for business, your game will be tested and on display for everyone to see. Is your game in good enough shape to play your best?  Do you have all the right shots to get the ball in the hole? … Read More

The Only Ball Position You Need for a Long Drive

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For the majority of high-handicap golfers the driver is the most difficult club in the bag to hit because it is the longest club and it has the least amount of loft. It will slice more often than not. Pros set up with their spine tilted away from target at address, with the ball position more forward in the stance … Read More

Position for Solid Irons

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Ball position for short irons should be in the center of your stance. As you progress to longer clubs, move the ball a half of a rotation towards the target. The “slicer” tends to keep too much weight on the front leg at address for all shots, which restricts the shoulder turn and encourages a steep out-to-in swing. Someone that … Read More

Stay in Your Shot

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If you top shots, most likely you are standing up as you strike the ball.  Ideally, you want to keep the same angle your torso and legs formed at address position the same throughout your swing.  Many high-handicappers stand up (straighten their legs or lift their torsos) as the they strike the ball resulting in an array of bad shots … Read More

Quick Alignment Check

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If you have a hard time aligning yourself up on the golf course, try this quick alignment check to assure you are aiming at your target. Quick Alignment Check Aim down your target line. In your set up position, stay in your posture and simply point your front arm out as shown. Your front arm should point parallel to your … Read More

Setup for a Straight Shot

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Alignment is the easiest fundamental to work on, and probably one of the most neglected principles of golf. A good shot is useless unless it is going toward your intended target. First, you align the clubface square to your target line, and then you align your body. One of the biggest mistakes I see, as a teacher, is when people … Read More

Simple Posture Drill

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Understand and identify your  swing faults (if you have any) and the physical limitations that may cause them. Swing faults, which are technical flaws in your golf swing, can be can be caused from physical limitations and or from improper swing mechanics such as lack strength and inflexibility in critical areas of the body. Everything you do before you set … Read More