Cardiogolf Putting Boot Camp

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Every week I present a boot camp style workout specific to golf.  Add these exercises into your daily fitness regime to improve strength, flexibility, endurance and balance specific to golf.  Be sure to warm up before you do this or any other workout.  Click here to see my golf-specific pre-round warm up routine.  Finish your workout with a few post-round stretches. To learn how to do these and other golf-specific exercises click here…

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(Disclaimer This program is not intended for the treatment or prevention of disease, nor as a substitute for medical treatment. Any participant should not attempt any exercises mentioned herein, without reviewing and consenting with their doctor or health professional.  Karen Palacios-Jansen and Cardiogolf, nor liable for any harm or injury resulting from these exercises or the use of the Cardiogolf program described herein.)

Cardiogolf Putting Boot Camp


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To learn how to do these and other golf-specific exercises click here…

Putting Practice:

Here are a few drills to help with putting:

The Carpet/Cup Drill :You can do this at home on the carpet with a cup True there is no break, which makes this the ideal drill to practice aim and distance. Start with three balls about 2 feet from the cup. Move back 5 feet each round until you’ve maxed the distance your room can accomodate. Take a rest and then repeat the drill only starting with the further distances first.

The Stop Putt: Take your normal putting swing. After you make contact with the ball immediately stop your swing. This is going to focus in on your aim and accuracy. After trying a bunch of putts this way, add back in your follow through and you should notice how your follow through really helps guide the clubface and ultimately the ball towards your target.

The Eyes Closed Test: Take 3 putts from the same location at the same target. Next try the putt three more times only with your eyes closed this time. Were the second three balls close to the first three? If so then you have good tempo, balance, and your backswing and follow through are coming through along the same line. If you are off on your second three, you may be naturally taking your backswing along an arced path instead of straight back.

Fringe Putting: I think one of the most over-looked putts is the fringe putt. Putting from the fringe or just outside the green is definitely different than putting on the actual green surface. More often than not putts are not hit with enough force and end up getting bogged down in the longer fringe grass. Practice putting from the fringe the next time you practice.

To learn how to do these and other golf-specific exercises click here…

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