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Golf and Nutrion

Would you change the way you eat if you knew certain foods could help you play better golf? One area recreational golfers most often neglect is their nutritional intake before and, especially, during a round of golf.  The term “the wheels are falling off” usually comes mid-round when you start to lose focus and your muscles start to fatigue.  One way to alleviate this syndrome, so that you don’t destroy an otherwise good round of golf or loose your shirt by pressing your skins partner when your energy levels are low, is to pay attention to what you eat and drink throughout your round.

We all know the importance of having that fitness, swing mechanics and equipment can have on our golf games, but are you eating the right foods to sustain enough energy throughout your round to play your best golf. The best equipment in the world won’t make a difference if you don’t have energy to get your around the course.

We do not hear as much about nutrition for golf, but rest assured that the most elite golfers of the world follow some of diet to provide them with the energy-output they need to play their best. While is it not yet the norm for golfers to follow a specialized nutrition program, it will become so.

I present tips on nutrition, hydration and energy management to help you sustain your highest energy levels of energy and play your best golf.

Disclaimer-The recommendations and tips I present are general and merely suggestions for informational purposes only.  You should consult with your physician for specific dietary and nutritional needs.

What is the Best Pre-Round Meal to Help Trim Your Score?

The key to maintaining your energy level during a round of golf is controlling blood sugar. That means avoiding foods made with refined carbohydrates (things made with white flour and/or sugars). Eating foods full of carbohydrates causes your blood sugar to raise sharply, so you feel alert and energetic at first.

But after a while, your body adjusts and your blood sugar drops. So does your energy. Suddenly, you don’t feel as alert or as energetic as you did before. Instead, you feel tired, irritable, and confused. The carbohydrates are backfiring, causing your blood sugar to tank.

Eating the right pre-round meal, however, levels off your blood sugar and boosts energy. Good foods contain no refined flour, sugar, or trans fats. Trans fats are found in food made with hydrogenated oil, processed foods, and shortening, which is used in all most all baked goods. Eating the right pre-round meal will help you play your best golf. Try this simple pre-round meal before your next round of golf to feel and play your best.

Pre-Round Meal (Morning)

  • One large apple to provide the appropriate fuel for immediate energy.
  • One egg cooked in olive oil with spinach and low fat cheese on a whole wheat English muffin. This meal will provide fat and protein for longer lasting energy.  The fat in the meal has the added benefit of slowing the emptying of the stomach, allowing the carbohydrate of the muffin and apple to be metered into the bloodstream more slowly.

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