Use the Cardiogolf Shortee Club, Not Outdoor Grill Utensils to Practice Your Swing

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If you have every grabbed a spatular, umbrella or baseball bat to practice your golf swing in your house, then you need the Shortee Practice Training Club.

Using household items to practice your swing may not be ideal, so why not use the Shortee Practice Training Club that has the same feel as a real golf club?  You won’t whack the ceilings or the walls and no ball required.

In Cardiogolf class, I use the ‘Shortee’ Club to do exercises and swing drills. The club is short for a couple of reasons:

  • the ‘Shortee’ club is easy to swing indoors without hitting the walls or ceilings
  • use the ‘Shortee’ club to warm up at golf courses that don’t have practice ranges
  • throw the ‘Shortee’ club in your suitcase when you travel
  • the clubhead is closer to your hands, so it is easy to monitor the clubface and learn how to square the face at impact
  • since you are not hitting balls with the ‘Shortee’ club, there is no judgment of where the ball goes, so you can work on your technique without getting frustrated
  • the ‘Shortee’ is lighter than a regular club, so you can learn to swing the club faster to develop clubhead speed

How to Use the Shortee Club

Making practice swings will not only tone your muscle and burn some calories, but the act of swinging over and over again can help you improve your swing technique and improve muscular endurance.

Our practice swings are usually smoother, longer and more on-plane with better tempo than our real swings. As you make practice swings, you can focus on making certain motions to improve technique such as making a fuller shoulder turn, keeping your spine angle throughout the swing and shifting your weight correctly.

As you make practice swings, you can swing faster than you usually do to help you get used to swinging faster to improve clubhead speed. As you make practice swings, you can work on certain moves in your swing without worrying where the ball is going.

The 23″ ‘Shortee’ Club is great for indoor swing training and off-season conditioning. My friends at GolfGym were inspired by my Cardiogolf program and designed ‘Shortee’ Club for my students to practice indoors just like I do in Cardiogolf.

Visit to get your own Shortee Club!


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