Cardiogolf 5-Minute Workout Break-Endurance Training for Golfers

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Practice something about your game everyday. #CardioGolfChallenge

Do the Cardiogolf Pre-Round Warm Up Routine.

Watch Karen Palacios-Jansen demonstrate this Muscular and Cardiovascular Endurance Routine For Golf

Swinging a club over and over again twists the neck, back, shoulders and arms unnaturally, the physical stress loads become substantial. Overall fitness and endurance play a critical role in the game. Stronger, fitter, more flexible athletes hit a ball further and straighter, have better touch around the greens and respond better under pressure in the closing holes than do their weaker counterparts.

Cardiogolf Endurance Routine

10 exercises to increase muscular and cardiovascular endurance

Time: 10 to 30 minutes
Intensity: Moderate to Intense

  • We will be doing 10 different exercises that not only tone your muscles, but will help you increase your heart rate to increase your stamina and endurance on and off the golf course.
  • These exercises are meant to be done in succession: follow one after the other with little to no rest in-between each exercise. Work at your own pace. Choose your level of difficulty.
  • Always begin with the Cardiogolf pre-round warm-up routine before doing this or any of the exercise routines.
  • Do each exercise for 1 minute with minimal or no breaks.

Par Level: 10 minutes – Do routine one time
Birdie Level: 20 minutes – Repeat routine twice
Eagle Level: 30 minutes – Repeat routine three times

My friends at GolfGym were inspired by my Cardiogolf program and designed the New GolfGym 23″ Shortee Training Club for my students to practice indoors just like I do in Cardiogolf.

Practice something about your game everyday. #CardioGolfChallenge

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